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Benefits of custom windbreaker jackets

Since they’re lightweight and easy to fold up, custom windbreakers are an item of promotional clothing that customers and colleagues keep hold of. This means longer-lasting exposure for your logo and business. What’s more, custom team windbreakers are ideal for sports events and company outings, where the waterproof and windproof material keeps everyone warm and dry. Plus, handing out embroidered windbreakers at trade shows and events makes your logo visible in a crowd and seen by more people.

How to design your personalized windbreaker

Choosing a style

  • Pick a windbreaker color that complements your logo.
  • Consider when you (or your team) will be using this jacket – is it for a tradeshow giveaway, sports event or team building event? It will affect the material of the jacket you ideally need.

Customizing your windbreaker jacket

  • Make sure your logo design is clear and stands out.
  • If you have any text, choose a font style and size that’s easy to read.
  • Upload any type of file including .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png and .ppt.

Selecting the right decoration option

There are a couple of different options for printing your logo on your windbreaker.

  • Full-color transfer: Photo-realistic print applied directly on to your windbreaker.
  • Embroidery: Detailed needlework gives lasting color and texture.

Frequently asked questions

Generally speaking, a windbreaker is thinner and designed to keep out the wind and light rain. An anorak is usually thicker, heavier and more suited to colder weather.

There are many windbreaker colors to choose from, ranging from black and blue to pink and red. We recommend picking a jacket color that complements your logo. To see all the colors, use the filter on the left-hand side of the results page.

Yes, some of our windbreakers are available in styles for both men and women, so you can order the right jackets for your team.

We offer many custom windbreaker jackets with no minimum quantity. It means you can order only one or the numbers you need, rather than being stuck having to order in bulk. When shopping for your jacket, we recommend you use the “quantity” filter.